Free Seminar of MD infotech Academy


At MD infotech Academy, our aim is to enlighten individuals about the dynamic pace of technology and empower them with strategies to adeptly navigate this ever-evolving landscape.


  • Provide insights into the rapid advancements in technology, enabling participants to comprehend the velocity of change in the digital era.
  • Share practical approaches to help participants adapt seamlessly to emerging technologies, ensuring they stay relevant and competitive.
  • Identify and nurture the unique strengths and capabilities of each participant, fostering personal and professional growth in the face of technological disruption.
  • Inspire and guide individuals to actively contribute to the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, fostering innovation and progress within their respective fields.



Our seminar warmly welcomes a diverse audience, including individuals from various fields- Students, employees, and in a sentence overall all the intellectually curious people of the IT industry.


Program Agenda:

  • Grand Welcoming and Introduction Session
  • Keynote Addresses by Esteemed Guests
  • Course Discovery Expedition
  • Instructors Showcase: Masters Unveiled
  • Prayer Break
  • Quiz Session
  • Q&A Session
  • Prize Giving to the Winner
  • Snacks Providing


Registration Requirement:

Enjoy the free seminar by simply completing this form.


Contact Information: For inquiries, please contact


Phone: +880 1914-092442


Jan 26 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Hi-Tech Park, Sheikh Kamal IT Training & Incubation Center, Rajshahi

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